Electricians in Canberra: Four of the Best

Migrants consider Canberra to be their destination in Australia. Apart from the regional visas made available by the Australian Government, Canberra is one of Australia’s most affordable cities with lower living costs. In addition, Canberra was ranked the second most affordable city for students, and was labelled the most educated city in Australia, with the highest number of people completing year 12 or the equivalent. Canberra is also one of the safest cities in Australia with one of the lowest crime rates.

It may lack the characteristics of being a big city like Sydney and Melbourne, but it is still a complete bliss to live in Canberra. Away from the hustle and bustle only big cities can’t get away with, traffic would never be a problem in Australia’s capital. It boasts of several attractions, art & culture, outdoor & nature activities, shopping markets, and night life. If you are planning to move to Canberra, all your much needed household and business services such as licensed electricians, similar to Sydney electricians, are available. In fact we have listed below four of the best electricians in Canberra so you won’t have to worry about your next big move.

Hamtech Electrical specialises in emergency electrical services all Canberra suburbs with 24 hour call outs. The services they offer include fault finding and electrical circuit repairs, switch board upgrades, replacement and disconnection of faulty lights in emergency situations, and replacement of faulty power points, IXL/bathroom heat light and ovens/hot plates. You can check Hamtech Electrical on their website and Facebook page.

Alex Weir Electrical Services claims to be Canberra’s favourite sparky. Alex, is undoubtedly the most accomplished electrician in the ACT, having practised as a Master Electrician for over 40 years. He has a tireless desire for knowledge, and so he continues to learn, and that has kept him at the forefront of the industry. His Alectrix Electric company offers services from changing a lightbulb to wiring entire complexes. Visit their website, Facebook page  or Instagram account.

Sparks Fly Electrical. With extensive years of construction industry experience, which let them know what their customers really want, Sparks Fly electrical was able to see the broader picture that helped them to meet the electrical needs of their customers. Their wide range of services such as installation of power points, upgrades of electrical switchboards, all lighting solutions including safety lighting, down lights, oyster lights, wall washers, flood lights, LED lighting and sensor lighting, approved smoke alarm installation, safety switch installation and fault finding among others are all carried out professionally, safely, and in a timely manner to ensure customers receive the best possible experience. Check more about their services here, or visit their Facebook page or Instagram account.

Mark Rawstorn Electrical offers a complete service in electrical installation, maintenance and compliance for the residential and commercial market that are backed up by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They aim to deliver outstanding service and workmanship. And as a proof of their outstanding service, Mark Rawstorn Electrical is awarded as Best Business 2020 by Three Best Rated. Book your appointments now on their website or Facebook page.

Indeed, Canberra is a haven on its own. Living and doing your business in this city would definitely be a breeze with the help of qualified licensed electricians that are available 24/7 to provide the best services that are guaranteed standard compliant.